Egypt Snake Game Instructions

Use the mouse or arrow keys to move the snake and go after the sushi! The space bar pauses the game so you can take a break. Each time you eat, your tails grows longer and your speed increases. Don't crash into the wall or you'll lose and have to start over. Also try and avoid running into yourself which will make you explode. Eat a smiley face and your power increases. Eat a cheezburger and be awesome.

Egypt is known for disovering 3D and building the pyramids to prove it. Still this day, we have no clue how it was built and why continues to stand. Even with our state of the art tools, we are unable to match it.

Egypt Snake

Egypt snake used to get quite thirsty in the desert and would occasionally bite the workers trying to haul stones. Aside from that, the egypt snake was generally chill and lived off the leftover fries and cokes the worker left behind. This made the egypt snake pretty unhealthy, however, it continued to roam the desert.





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